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Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce little ladies to a life after their first periods in a productive and informative way.

Community Outreach

VBMNS’s Outreach Program helps pre-teens and teens recognize the importance of community. We strive to create a place of love and support and family values. Our goal is to help build connections through safe choices and healthy lives.


Our outreach includes:

  • Lil Lady Education, a youth leadership program that informs youth and young adults about their bodies, menstruation cycles, and how food and the moon affects each and every period cycle to make wise and positive choices.


  • VBMNS KAB, a program that reaches out to young women and men between the ages of 14 and 20 who are interested in developing their entrepreneurial spirit. These young people will learn to become logistical giants in the Virginia Beach area. Participants will need to be licensed or working toward getting their license. Driving tests will be performed weekly.

  • Little Lady Tea, a celebration at the end of each month to recognize all the new little ladies. Once a little girl has her period, she's invited to a party to kick off the rest of her life. She will be congratulated and welcomed into the wonderful club of womanhood. Our parties will eventually be held at either the lovely Homewood Suites Hotel in Virginia Beach or the gorgeous Sheraton Hotel in Norfolk.

Goal 1

To aid in educating young ladies about their bodies and menstruation before, during and after their first bleed.

Goal 2

To provide an ongoing supply of better sanitary napkin products for young ladies and women.

Goal 3

To provide a space where young ladies can come together to celebrate the entrance into womanhood.

Goal 4

To encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within the young people of my community.

This is the home office of the Virginia Beach Menstrual Needs Supply. We are a tribe of ladies and gentlemen who are encouraging the education and introduction of girls who have had their periods.

The majority of us live in the same neighborhood and throughout the years, we've done a lot together.

We are like family. None of us here really like our houses because, well... they suck!

They were built in the 1970's and none of them are truly up to code. They leak and creak and... it's just time for something better.

So one day while we were talking outside, I asked them if they wanted to move somewhere else. And most, if not all the kids, said yes, but the only thing that was holding them back from being 100% OKAY with moving, was if we could all move together.

I understood that.

I feel the same.

So I made it a mission to find something for all of us to do to make it out of this place.

We have met for the last 6 months to create and talk business. We have brainstormed, painted, colored, built and planned a whole lot in here.

We discovered our calling when we realized one day that there were young ladies and parents who weren't ready to talk about the most important time in a young lady's life when she blossoms and becomes a true

LITTLE LADY and gets her period.

Some of the young people in the room that day, weren't even aware of what we were talking about.

There was a lot of questions that day. And while we talking and creating, I casually asked that since they had had so many questions that there may be a ways to help other little ladies like themselves.

They gave a resounding "YES!"

I then asked if they would like to meet other little ladies like themselves.

They gave another resounding "YES!"

The important questions were asked and answered by our crew of Lil Ladiez:


What is puberty? 
What is a menstrual period?

Why is it so gross?

Why do we bleed?

How long do we bleed?

How can I track my period on a calendar?

How often should I change my pad?

What is a sanitary pad made of?

When will I get my first period?

What will happen when I get my period?

How often will I get my period?

Why is it called a period?

The next question was


We had a lot of fun brainstorming and coming up with cool activities.

We knew we wanted to make or have some type of case so that when "lil ladies" were on their periods, they could gracefully walk in or out of a room without being "weirded out" by holding a pad.

They also wanted to put cool information in the package. They wanted to have any and every questioned answered so that the lady's were ready when their time came.

We researched other companies that were selling first-time period kits. They were very interesting.

Some we liked and others we didn't.

We knew we wanted to have pads, pantyliners, a heating pad, puberty information and maybe even a special gift.

One of the big issues that kept coming up, was where to put the pads when they were in school?

We did some research and it was discovered that when the young ladies were in elementary school and middle school, they couldn't carry a book bag around the school.

The elementary school lady's would have to put their book bags in their lockers and would have to keep them there.

The middle school had it set up the same way and it was actually against school policy to have young people carry their book bags or even purses throughout the halls.

The high school lady's have it a little easier. They are able to move about the school with their book bags, purses and any other bag that they need.

Since bags were an issue, we decided to use books as a carrying case instead. We carved some old books out to make room for the pads, pantyliners and info packs.

This was very HARD WORK!

 During this time, while I was a Pre-Art Therapy student here in Virginia Beach, my Pre-Art Therapy teacher asked us to create a door and a space that represented our dream working space. Without me recognizing it at first, I redesigned my house as a permanent space for kids to come and create and do business. 

There was a place to paint, read, hold meetings, make music and bake! I wanted to turn our home into a community center for our community.

This was going to be a safe haven for all kids and we were going to create an economy for this community.   

As the months wore on, the younger kids stepped away from the group and the older kids stepped forward. Shameir and Amoni began to work on the website and blog, while Omari, Corban, and Merrick began working on the videos and pictures. It truly has been a group effort.

We patiently waited for our Nspire Cherish pads to arrive and derived a plan to make having our periods more convenient.

We went through over 10 different boxes and bags before we decided on our subscription boxes and we found cute paper book boxes for our welcome kits.

While we were waiting for our shipment of Cherish Sanitary napkins, we started doing some market research about the difference between the regular pads we've been using.

There was quite a difference!

The other pads were made of recycled plastic and recycled paper. To learn more about what's inside of the other sanitary napkins and tampons on the market, please read the back of the package.

Lil Ladies Tea

Join the Lil Ladies each month as we welcome new Lil Lady's into WomanHood!!




Be apart of the creativity and the conversation, as we make awesome new crafts each week.

Do you enjoy making videos, painting, making origami, designing purses, learning more about your period, and how you can make it better?

Us too!!!


Are you a young man who has a lot of sister's and/or a lot of girl cousins that you care about? Are you a parent of a Lady and want to teach her about the responsibilities of becoming a young lady?

We do too!!

Do you know what's in a pad? Do you want to know?

Well let us tell you all about it.








Our goal is to teach, share and inform ladies about products that help us live healthier lives.  

Our mission is to introduce little ladies to a life after their first period in a productive, proactive and informative way.

Our message is to be proud of who we are and what we can do and to help our community be knowledgeable about what we are putting on our bodies.

JOIN us at our next TEA in October 2017. Sign up and support the Lil Ladies as we put together a TEA for our new members.

The Little Lady Tea, is a celebration at the end of each month to recognize all the new little ladies. Once a little girl has her period, she's invited to a party to kick off the rest of her life. She will be congratulated and welcomed into the wonderful club of womanhood.



Our parties will be held at either the lovely Homewood Suites Hotel in Virginia Beach or the gorgeous Sheraton Hotel in Norfolk.

Audie's Story

Hello everyone! 

My name is Audie Bose. I am a mother, wife, daughter, mystic, and entrepreneur.

I am also a cervical cancer survivor.


Vaginal care has become very important to me and I'm proud to be offering a service and outreach program that allows me to

  • teach other women about our magical bodies,

  • help young women how to celebrate womanhood

  • encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.


Vaginal health is so very important and yet its such a taboo subject. I want to change that. Our vagina's have an important role in our mental health, physical health, and emotional health.

It's time we take control of our bodies.

VBMNS & Lil Lady Crew


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